Hello world!


Welcome to our post!

(We probably shouldn’t say this from the start, but here it is anyway:)

We are new at this blogging thing and the learning curve has been tremendous! We hope to be up to par with the blogging world soon! so be patient, and stick with us.

Hey! We may not know blogging, but we know our ideas – and would love to share them with you!

Why are we out of our minds? A little insight about our blog name:
Ideas pop up in our minds all the time. 
These ideas can range from the very simple day to day ideas about what to do around the house or garden. Or, they could be something on a more grand scale, maybe even a “great” idea. We get excited about them and write them down, do some research on them, and talk to our friends about them.

Unfortunately, most of the time they seem to stay there in our minds or, we start on them but don’t complete them. We find that even though the ideas are there, the motivation (to follow through with the simplest of ideas) seems to be lacking lately.

As a means to getting these ideas out of our minds and forcing us to do something about them – most importantly, “staying on task” to complete them from start to finish – we started this blog. So, while we are putting our ideas here on our blog, we might as well share them with anyone who is interested in them. Hence, “Out of Our Minds . . . to Yours”

Christy, the one who's really out of her mind!

But, in reality, I’m just plain out of my mind most of the time! Therefore the name has a double meaning! And is definitely apropos.

I find that coming up with a unique, “original,” idea happens few and far between.  So what you will find here (for the most part) are things we have seen but have tweaked to match our own personalities and style. Although I have to admit, I do my best “brainstorming” in the shower (I don’t know if it’s the stimulation of the warm water on my head, or the alone time without children demanding something.)

Anyway, I digress! I am hoping confident this blog will do the trick!

And by all means, feel free to do the same with our ideas! And then share them with us. We would love to see all your creations.  –– (You would not believe how hard it was not to type “all y’all” there. I am originally from Texas, now living in Colorado for the past 15 years, but some things “Texan” have not left me! I will try to keep it professional, but I warn you the “Texan” will raise its head from time to time!) (Amy: And Christy’s Texanisms will definitely rear their head.)

So with that said, Enter at your own risk! 😛

Amy, the one who has to deal with the "mindless" one

Hi, it’s Amy!  Christy came up with this fabulous idea to blog about our ideas (she is the most creative out of the two of us) and so, here we are trying to navigate our way through a foreign process.  Christy has always inspired me with her creativity  so when she suggests ideas like this I hop on board because I know I will have learned so much at the end of it.  (Christy: If there is an end, that is usually not the case!)  Since I know I will learn a lot through this journey — I am hoping you glean something from it too.

Away we go, into the creative yonder!!

P.S. We like to comment on each other’s posts from time to time. So when the font is blue — that is Christy writing, and when the font is green –that is Amy writing.


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