Christmas in July


We know it’s only mid-July, but we have big plans for changing out our Christmas decor this year, or adding to our existing ones. Once school starts in mid-August time will be short, plus there’s Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and before you know it– it’s Christmas. Sooo, we decided to try a Christmas in July (and August, September . . . December!)

Christmas in July!  I am so excited to start getting ready now so that I am less stressed during the holidays.  As always, I am being less ambitious than Christy but I have limited time this month and knew that this was going to be my limit of projects 🙂

I have fallen in love with Pinterest — all my ideas are coming from pins that I found on my friends boards.  I picked projects that I have most of the supplies for and anything else I have to buy will be inexpensive.  I will also be making my Christmas cards this year but I won’t be doing that project until the beginning of November.

I am changing my whole scheme. Here’s what I have in mind: A more warm homey, lodgey kind of feel (but with some flair.) My choice of materials are going to be plaids, wools, old sweaters and yarn. I think I’ll start with the balls (I bought styrofoam ones last year or the year before. I have been mulling this idea around in my head that long. See that’s why I thought about creating this blog – to make me get into action!)

Let’s see how far I get. I have a Birthday to plan and pull off in 2 weeks as well! Plus my “Get it Done” projects. AAAAHHHH I feel the preasure already!!

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