Jalapeno and Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas


Creamy Jalapeño Chicken Enchiladas

 Coming from Texas where the TexMex dishes (a blend of Texan and Mexican ingredients and seasonings) are common and preferred by most, it is no wonder that moving to Colorado 15 years ago had one set back for me (even though I love it here): Finding good Mexican food!

One of my favorite dishes was chicken enchiladas smothered in a sour cream sauce with a blend of seasonings and jalapeños or green chiles. I searched fervently over the years since moving here to no avail, so over the years I have given up and made due with what is available – burritos smothered in green chile, which I might add is not a bad choice by far, but there is still that emptiness that yearns for creamy jalapeño sauce.

Two years ago while spending our annual summer weekend in Beaver Creek, an upscale ski/mountain resort in Colorado, I finally found what I have been craving for all these years at the Coyote Cafe located right in Beaver Creek Village.

Since then, I have found one other restaurant, Jose O’Sheas located in Lakewood Colorado (just a neighboring suburb) that serves a really delicious version of the creamy jalapeño sauce. 

Now it seems that I cannot get that sauce out of my mind. I’m like an addict, now that I have tasted – I can’t get enough after all these years of doing without 😉 Since recently being reunited with my favorite dish, I have had to ask myself: Why didn’t you just make these on your own? Well the answer is simple . . . I’m a lazy cook! I have always felt chicken enchiladas to be somewhat labor intensive (because normally you boil the chicken and spend the time to debone it).  But I have found an easy way to cook the chicken, and have been working to perfect my own recipe.

I would like to share my version with you, it’s not perfected yet I’ve only made it a couple of times, but it’s pretty good. I hope you enjoy them!

Click here to find the recipe


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