January: A new beginning


For many of us (including myself),  we just want to collapse after the rush and bustle of the holidays, while fun and enjoyable, it still lends to stress and just plain tiredness.

But let’s face it: January is the new beginning for us all to a new year, and would we be doing ourselves any favors by not taking advantage of what this month has to offer? Sure you can make goals and find projects to do any time of the year, but why not start now? But – – let us keep in mind – – not go crazy and overload ourselves with too much and almost secure our failure by not getting it all done! 

To be honest, I’m not really one for resolutions because in the end I don’t really accomplish many of them. But that doesn’t mean I should give up, right? Maybe I should find another way of going about it. There may be a future blog on this . . .

Anyway, I did a search and found that January is chock full of “National” themes. You name it, it’s there. There are 10 that I found interesting and thought I’d share a couple of these per day, so as not to overwhelm you with too much information at one time. Most of these are month long themes. But I did come across something I thought might be fun to kick the month off with:

Starting today, January 2nd through the 8th, it’s “Some day we’ll laugh about this” week. With the premise that when things happen to us, we may choose to stress or to laugh about them. You know the mantra: “Laugh more, Stress less.”

I would like to share a personal experience of my own, but amazingly I can’t come up with anything yet. But if I do remember something I will share it. If you per chance have an experience please share it with us by clicking on “comment” below. We’d love to laugh at your misfortunes, well you know what I mean. Remember this is all week so we should get some good “shares” in here.


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