January: National Book Blitz Month


*There are a lot of observances in January as you can imagine. I found about 10 I thought were interesting or went along with my tedious never ending efforts of improving many aspects of my self and my life. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of these observances a day.

Today we’re introducing January: National Book Blitz Month

This was really created by a public relation executive to encourage authors to promote their own books, work more closely with the media to create more buzz about their work, and gain better results from media coverage.

But . . . many have chosen to make it about reading more or catching up on your “to read” lists, getting better acquainted with your favorite author by reading (or re-reading) their works. Or to find a new favorite author.

If you are like me, and have aspirations at trying your hand in penning a novel, then by all means use this month to hunker down and gain some ground on your work; get back to it, bring out the dictionary and thesaurus, wipe the dust off your research, and sharpen those typing skills!


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