January: International Creativity Month


*The last few blog entries were a bit deep and heavy (although very insightful and informative information we need to keep things rolling in our lives), but I must admit, I’m ready for something a little more light and fun!!

**Time has run short for me today and therefore I didn’t have the time as I would have liked to spend on this topic. So just know this was kicked out rather quick and fast, but that does not mean the information is less important!

National Creativity Month was founded by Randall Munson, a professional speaker and presenter who is notorious for using humor, magic tricks and creativity in his presentations to businesses and firms around the world (clients include Disney World, Microsoft, and IBM) as a means to inspire not only large corporations and business, but individuals to capitalize on the power of creativity and innovation.

The purpose of the observance was to give us more time actually spend on our goals and resolutions. To put more thought and effort in finding creative ways to re-energize ourselves and those around us, whether it be at work or at home with your family. When you think about it the family unit is like running an organization. We can find creative ways to improve our communications and our leadership skills (again parenting and running a well oiled family machine can benefit from such ideas.) Let the family get together and have a “think tank” to come up with innovative ways to help everyone remember their tasks, or finding a new way to do their tasks.

Munson suggests that to we should all have a humor folder, and in that folder we put things that we find funny. Newspaper clippings of add or headlines gone wrong, or comics, pictures of signs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc. that make you laugh. Have the folder in a handy, easily accessible place, and when you are having a particularly bad moment or the stress level is climbing, take out your humor folder and go through it. Soon things will calm because of the laughter factor – laughing releases stress.

I highly recommend clicking here, and take some time to read some of his articles as you scroll down the page. I’m sure you will find something that not only makes you laugh, but very informative as well.

I found this interesting and thought it would be a good thought provoking closer:

“A center for creative learning studied the creativity of children and found that during the first five years 90% of children are highly creative. The next two years, ages six and seven, the percentage of highly creative children dropped to 10%. By age eight or nine, the percentage of highly creative children fell to only 2% and stayed about that level from that time on.”

Almost all of us were highly creative when we were little children. We were created creative. It’s time to unleash that creativity you were created with.” – Randall Munson

Create Away!


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