Yummy Monday: Semi Homemade Mac ‘n Cheese


This is probably not an original thought, I’m sure it can be found in a Sandra Lee cookbook, or somewhere.
But it’s something I had been thinking about trying out on my kids for a long time and finally got around to it a couple of months ago.

It’s one of those things we parents run into with our children and their picky eating.
I don’t cater to making separate meals for each child to make everyone happy, but it is difficult to plan meals around kids when they don’t like the same things.
Usually I make what I make and that’s their meal.
But there are occasions when you want to whip out something quick and easy but your choices are cramped due to picky eaters.

My two little ones like Mac’n Cheese, what kid doesn’t right? Well my oldest . . . he has never liked it, especially the boxed kind.
A couple of years ago he decided he liked the homemade version, but of course, those little ones (one in particular) don’t, they prefer the boxed kind. What’s a mom to do?

It shouldn’t even be an issue, because it really is a poor nutrition choice to begin with, but hey, give a mom a break in menu choices
and wanting to appease their children from time to time.
(especially this mom, because I’m not organized enough for meal planning even though I’d like to be.)

Click  here for the recipe


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