Coconut Chicken Chili


It’s not Monday, I was way too busy to draft up a post yesterday, but I thought I’d share this recipe I made several days ago.

It was my first time making it and so I will share some things I would do differently, but overall this is a delicious recipe.

I made this the other night when my nephew came to visit.

I’m not a real lover of spicy food (truth is, I’m quite wussy when it comes to hot & spicy food) and neither are my kids,
and since this recipe calls for cayenne pepper,
I thought it best I turn the heat factor down a bit by only using about half the amount called for.
After tasting it, I think it would have been fine to keep the amount cayenne listed in the recipe,
in fact, it you really like spicy, I would suggest adding a bit more.

I would also add some chopped green pepper to give a bit more flavor and color. Other than that, I think you’ll find this recipe worthy of a try.

Click here for the recipe

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