A Moment of Pride & Appreciation, and a new project in the works


It’s really funny how surfing the net can take you on so many different journeys than the one you originally started with
(and burn way more time than originally planned too!)

The last couple of days I have been surfing the net for a particular airplane picture that I can use for my son’s bedroom (although painted about a year ago, the doors are still off the hinges because I wanted to repaint them too, and have never gotten “around to it,” so they continue to lean against the wall)

While on one of my excursions yesterday, I showed my son some of the pictures I found and asked him which one he liked. He pointed to the SR 71 Blackbird (I pretty much knew that was going to be the choice because he already has a model of this plane).

So off I went surfing for more pictures because my project requires a good quality picture taken from a straight, head on point of view. I stumbled upon a book about these planes and the two man crew who flew them, “Sled drivers” a nickname given to those who flew these planes, and an excerpt about a particular flight mission.
That led me to Brian Shul, who was the author of the book and his website, which upon checking it out I came across his Veteran’s Day address back in 2001.

As I scanned the speech it struck a chord in me that resonated with pride and appreciation for our country and those who put their lives out there to protect it and it’s people.
There are so many views and opinions out there about war and peace, and all that that entails.
I just have to say that I am grateful there are people who take their country seriously enough to protect it and us. They are the ones out there, not me,
and it’s easy to sit back and be comfortable and enjoy my blessed life with my family and kids, while they are not.

I just felt like sharing this in my blog today.

* I am aware that there are many visitors from other countries, and so I acknowledge the pride and appreciation you have in your own countries as well.

An excerpt, Verteran’s Day, 2001: Here’s a link to full speech on website

 “We represent the freedom that so many people on this earth seek. It is why everyone wants to come to this country. But so few can really understand this nation. We are a two-edged sword, united but full of disagreement. We exercise capitalistic greed frequently, yet have been the most gracious humanitarian nation on earth. We are the high-tech of Silicon Valley and the heartland of the Midwest. An impatient people, yet tremendously resilient in difficult times. I can remember, after the Cold War was over, speaking with a former Soviet MiG pilot. He marveled over how our country could produce a plane such as the SR-71. He said the image he had of our country was one of decadence, Hollywood, and discarded products. He could not understand how we could have built a plane with such integrity that would last so long and remain the world’s record holder in speed and altitude for all these years. I told him that indeed, we were a nation of excesses, and even ignorance at times, but that when men are free, all things are possible.”

“With all our faults, warts and all, we are still the greatest nation on earth. From the Declaration of Independence and the Monroe Doctrine, to Disneyland and Donald Duck·..we are the USS Missouri pounding enemy shores, flying the stars and stripes, and Mickey Mantle in pinstripes, pounding American League pitching … from John Phillip Sousa to Elvis Presley … we are Mark Twain, and Microsoft … from Charles Lindbergh and Paris, to Charley Brown and Peanuts … we are a nation that went from Kitty Hawk to Tranquility Base, in less than 70 years. Who can truly understand this greatness that is America, unless they have lived it? “

Major Brian Shul, USAF, Retired

11 Nov 2001
March AFB Air Museum

Some of you may be curious as to my project so I will quickly insert some pictures of what I want to do. As always some tweaking will be involved!

I saw this picture (Pottery Barn) months ago and kept it on my desktop (sometimes, I admit, I am selfish with my ideas and don’t always pin them on pinterest.)

Then I came across the Cre8tive Outlet with their knock off and this one by Honey and Maple Syrup

So I will attempt to do my own Knock off, but most likely not as distressed (as that is not my decor style). We will see what I end up with, I will replace the plane image with this one of the SR 71 Backbird.

Now let’s hope that this won’t be a year in the making as many of my projects end up. I will keep you posted.


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  1. That is a rather good photo of the black bird; however, do you realize that in the background (embracing the nose wheel of the SR) can be seen the landing gear of a Piper Cub – one of the first flight trainer aircraft made. The picture shows newest technology merged with original technology.
    explain that to your son, if you can. BTW this newest tech has already been retired from flight service, the SR is old news even though it still holds world records that have yet to be beaten.

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