An Out of Our Minds toYours Update: It’s about time!


Whew!!! Finally there’s time to stop with the crazy for a couple of days.

Yes, the blog has been at a standstill since April, but don’t worry, were not dead, we’re just trying to keep up with life!!

Many of you may feel the same when we say that Spring is one of the busiest times of the year (it’s right up there with Christmas). There’s end of school, graduations, spring recitals, Mother’s Day, birthdays and early vacations for many of us, gardening that needs to be done after all winter long, and Father’s Day coming up this Sunday!

Finding time to blog about any of it, as well as just keeping up with it all, has been difficult to say the least.

Here are some  teasers on what to look forward to on the blog.

Here’s also hoping that we will find more than a few moments at a time to sit in front of the computer
to catch you up on things that have been making us “out of our minds!”:

There was a Horse Lover’s Birthday Party

A tiered skirt “How To”

and, Cruisin’ on a houseboat Family Reunion to share

We’ll keep in touch!


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