Tiered Skirt “How To”


It has taken me a year to make this outfit!

Last year I decided to make this cute shirt and skirt for Chase’s Kindergarten graduation/Easter outfit. I spent many hours online searching for a good pattern or tutorial for a 3 tiered skirt. I finally found one I thought would work and got to started.

Chase and I spent quality time in the fabric store picking out about 7 different types of fabrics that we thought went well together. After tweeking a pattern I already had to make the top, I was ready to tackle the skirt. After much thought, planning and measuring I finally had each tier cut out and sewn. After sewing the waistband and the first tier together I had her try it on and we came to the sad conclusion that it was not big enough 😦 So I had to rip it all out and add more material pieces to both the waistband and the skirt tiers.

Needless to say it didn’t get done in time for the graduation or Easter, and I had lost interest in it due to my frustration and disappointment. 😦

This spring I decided to renew my sewing project with zeal and conquer this skirt.
I had already added extra pieces of material to each tier and sewed them all together, only to find that they still didn’t have enough for good gathers.
We wanted this skirt to be full and have lots of “twirl factor!”

Which meant I needed to add even more inches to each tier.
Finally, I got it to where I wanted it and finished in time for Easter this year.

I will be sharing my calculations on how I made this skirt with you. It took some time to figure it all out because I had added some pieces here and there more than once.

And . . . I waited a couple of months to sit down and document it, so unfortunately it’s not all fresh in my mind  –

BUT. . . I think I have it figured out!!!!

Click on the “Twirl Factor” picture below for more



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