Welcome to our “Back to School” page.

Our hope for this project was to find ways to keep our sanity intact this school year!

What’s that saying? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

Well, not sure about you, but we are definitely looking for different results this school year,
and have gone researching for the ideas that will hopefully give us those results!

So click on each subject below to learn more

We divided our findings into 5 main topics:

The Breakfast Club!  Quick and easy (and mostly nutritious) breakfast for the family.

DON’T – Take it on the Run!  Organizational tips and ideas for the family to keep you from always “running” out the door. Avoid the Hurry up or we’ll be late,sydrome by implementing these skillful organization tips to help get you and your kids out the door and to your destinations on time.

Out to Lunch!   Tired of repeating the same few lunch items every day? Here are some lunch ideas that may make lunch not so boring. 

Organize This!  Features some ideas Christy has come across in her research to get here son (who struggles with ADHD) on board with his organization not only at home, but with his backpack, locker and binder so that he will not only be able to keep up with the school pace, but experience some success in remembering, finding, doing and finally handing in assignments on time!

I Like the Nightlife: Will touch on things we can do the night before to prepare us for the morning ahead and get us out the door on time.

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