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DIY Christmas Ornaments


A couple of Christmas’ ago I posted some Christmas ornaments I made for my tree. It is an on going project still!

Anyway, I decided to add some pearls to some of the existing ornaments last year to make them better, (I think I unearthed a bag buried in my craft and sewing pile and found the pearl garland from years ago and decided to put them to good use.)


That got me in the mood to add some more ornaments to my collection and found some DIY paper molded ornaments at Hobby Lobby. I just cut my fabric and the trim and glued them on with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.  Very simple! But in my usual fashion, I don’t think that I posted them, so I thought I should do so now.

I must admit, I have an ulterior motive in that I noticed that several people are pinning the ornaments on Pinterest and I wanted to make sure that my newest additions were included.

So here they are,  I really like these and they were fun to make. I think I will make more this year. I only made these four last year.



Visions of Christmas


2013 is here, for about a week now.

How do y’all like it so far? Too early to tell?

Well, I started the new year off with a nasty cold/crud – it’s been lasting for 4 days now.

Needless to say I’m late posting anything Christmas, but here it is anyway.

We went to Texas for a couple of weeks and got to spend time with all of the family except one nephew who is in Russia right now.

We flew back on New Year’s Day and then I pretty much got sick after a couple of days.

Let’s hope the rest of the year shows more promise 🙂

These are some new ornaments I made to add to the tree this year. A snapshot of my Sleigh rides sign and my tree.


Some pictures of our time in Texas, at Aunt Terrye and Uncle Ed’s home (my sister’s massive tree and nutcracker collection) and our Polar Express ride (can you believe I didn’t get a picture of the train): We also squeezed in a little red neck Christmas (but not too much) since we shot off some airsoft guns rather than the real deal thanks to Aunt Tammy and Uncle Dan and the cousins. But I didn’t get pictures of that either. What did I think? I was on vacation or something?


Remember our “Christmas in July” post?


Back in July we posted some Christmas ideas, in my case – changing to a new theme entirely,
and in Amy’s case – adding some fun new things this year. You can see our post of ideas here . . .

 And then it was never mentioned again . . . until now!

The problem was I knew exactly what I wanted. And at the same time I was stumped as to what exactly I wanted.

It’s confusing I know, but this is how my mind functions 🙂

 It took me quite some time to pull my thoughts and ideas into something I could visualize and then carry out. This, at times, is quick and easy and other times can be a slow and frustrating process for me. Needless to say this was one of those slow arduous processes.

I have finally completed some decorations that I can show you. I will post more as I get them done – don’t be surprised if it’s after Christmas and well into next year. I went into this knowing it was going to be a gradual change over the next couple of Christmases as my time is quite limited!

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“Get it Done” Wednesday


Yeah, I know it’s been a while (a long while!) since we’ve posted on our  “Get it Done” Wednesday page. We’ve been kind of “missing in action” so to speak around my house especially. I am not good at having a billion things to do and actually doing them all, in a timely manner at that.

Anyway, I finally finished a project I started in August when school started, it just took me 2 months to do something extremely simple 😉

*Please excuse the poor quality picture, lighting isn’t all that great this time of day in my kitchen and I’m without my photoshop for a couple of days . . . but, I didn’t want go without posting this project another day!! Had to “get ‘er done!” You know what I mean?

Halloween Door Ornament


I have seen these picture frame door hanger, wreathy things a lot, and thought I’d give making one a try.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, I have decided I am somewhat of a Halloween decoration  snob. I really don’t like most of the things out there – they are either too country-ish for my decor, or too cheesy for my taste. But at the same time, I don’t seem to have the vision of what I do like to make it myself.

Anyway, I kind of like the frame things and thought I’d try my hand at making one for my door. Please keep in mind that my time and efforts were very minimal 🙂 And that bows are not something I am good at – at all!

Airplane/Pilot Birthday Party


This past Saturday, I ventured into to “stress mode” (an all too familiar place for me, I have set up residence) as we threw my son’s 8th birthday party. He’s a “planes, trains and automobiles” kind of kid. We have done 3 train parties and 2 car parties, so this year he chose an airplane theme.

Lucky for me, there’s a plethora of plane party ideas out there in cyber land. All with really cute ideas which I have stolen gleaned from and tweaked my way.

Finding the perfect place was fairly easy. We had eaten last summer at the “Runway Grill” located at small local airport near us. It is decorated with models airplanes hanging from the ceiling and glued on the glass partitions. And it sits right by the runway, so any activity can be seen from the restaurant. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from the party at all, as I under my stress of not forgetting anything, forgot my camera 😦

A couple of years ago, I had purchased a couple of prints from an artist in Georgetown, CO who does trains and old war planes to hang in my son’s room. So I decided to make use of what I already had and scanned them for the invitations, food picks, and Thank You notes (which aren’t actually printed yet.) I have been working on this for weeks now, and even had mom and dad working hard while they were here visiting. Thanks Mom and Dad! Couldn’t have done it without you!

I decided to forgo the ever cute boarding pass, but did use the baggage check and claim signs. I decided I would have the kids test to earn their pilot license (which I found a image of a real license online with all pertinent information blurred, so they could sign their own names) by playing a paper airplane game. They received a “Pilot” sticker, a lanyard with some really cool looking stunt plane posters I found online, they each got a different plane poster and was told they was their personal plane to fly to their destinations.

They then received their pilot’s folio with their passports and flight plans (which we drew colorful circles and lines on maps to make it look official.) And a “Flyboy” or “Flygirl” button to wear. I also found a really cool wreath made out of maps at Haverford House and made one myself, it was really fun.

I came across some vintage travel/airline posters that I thought were really neat, so I had my son pick 3 different posters he liked and made them the destinations for our flight plans. They went to 3 different tables with that had a poster to match the flight plans they had in their folios. They did a little activity, like throw bean bags in a old airplane made of cardboard boxes (I had made it for my son as a Halloween costume years ago.) They also made candy airplanes, and propeller pops. And then they got their passports stamped at each station.

The party table had a runway (my dad so graciously made) and they ordered off the “Junior Pilot Menu.” I had made food picks for the staff to stick in the food before they brought it out to the children.
I wanted to make an extremely cute cake myself, but soon found I had overtaxed not only myself, but my mom and dad . . . and it just wasn’t going to be done by any of us! So I went to the grocery store picked up a couple of $5 cakes and suspended a couple of airplanes he had in his room on wood skewers stuck in the cakes and added “Flyboy turns 8.”

After all the insanity fun was had, we gave each child a box we had decorated to look like suitcases and sent them on their way.

Whew!! Another party tackled. We only had 10 minutes to set up as we were late due to major construction backup on the way. The birthday boy was late to his own party due to the construction, and I forgot my camera, and other things pertinent for the activities. But we made it work.

I commented in irritation, “I don’t know why we do this to ourselves! No matter how much we plan – something always gets forgotten, or goes wrong and you seem to spend the whole time stressed out trying to stay on time, forgetting important things that you carefully planned out, and in the end feeling like it was a failure.” And it was pointed out (by my wise parents and mother-in-law), the kids don’t know the difference, they actually have a great time, and that’s what really counts. So yes, I will do this again and again for the enjoyment of my kids and their friends. 😉 At the cost of a few more gray hairs and stress lines! Ahhh, the things we do for our kids. 🙂

“Get it Done” Wednesdays nearly “Done us in!”


Hey all!  We are finally getting around to posting our “Get it Done” Wednesdays projects. It nearly killed us but here we are – better late than never, right?

I, in my usual fashion, waited until the last minute to carry out my project. I started it last night, but left most of it for this morning. Hey! It wasn’t like I was doing “nothing,” I have been working on getting some of my 7 year old’s birthday party stuff in order; invitations, planning, etc. At least I got my project done! You see, I knew this blog was a good idea to get me moving!

In Amy’s defense she finished her project in ample time, but just didn’t get the final picture and writing done. And, with her 7 year old’s birthday party to prepare for and throw tomorrow, well . . . you know how that goes. Good luck Amy! I’ll be following your footsteps with my own birthday nightmares soon enough!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with getting the text and pictures to be where we want them.

Let me just say, “@#$%$#%&”

There, now I feel better (until I try to go in and fix it again!)

Well . . . you’ll see when you get there.

Bear with us, please, we hope to know what we’re doing at some point . . .

Christmas in July


We know it’s only mid-July, but we have big plans for changing out our Christmas decor this year, or adding to our existing ones. Once school starts in mid-August time will be short, plus there’s Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and before you know it– it’s Christmas. Sooo, we decided to try a Christmas in July (and August, September . . . December!)

Christmas in July!  I am so excited to start getting ready now so that I am less stressed during the holidays.  As always, I am being less ambitious than Christy but I have limited time this month and knew that this was going to be my limit of projects 🙂

I have fallen in love with Pinterest — all my ideas are coming from pins that I found on my friends boards.  I picked projects that I have most of the supplies for and anything else I have to buy will be inexpensive.  I will also be making my Christmas cards this year but I won’t be doing that project until the beginning of November.

I am changing my whole scheme. Here’s what I have in mind: A more warm homey, lodgey kind of feel (but with some flair.) My choice of materials are going to be plaids, wools, old sweaters and yarn. I think I’ll start with the balls (I bought styrofoam ones last year or the year before. I have been mulling this idea around in my head that long. See that’s why I thought about creating this blog – to make me get into action!)

Let’s see how far I get. I have a Birthday to plan and pull off in 2 weeks as well! Plus my “Get it Done” projects. AAAAHHHH I feel the preasure already!!