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Gingerbread Pancakes


2014-01-03 10.28.28

This bite is going, going . . .

The kids and I just realized that we did not get around to making gingerbread cookies this year for Christmas.
We just had too much hustlin’ and bustlin’ going on.

So to appease my children’s lack of gingerbread for the holiday season so far,
I made them gingerbread pancakes for breakfast this morning.

I realized as I started to draft my post that I had previously posted this recipe,
well – – good recipes deserve to be revisited from time to time,
so here’s my re-post of these delicious pancakes ūüôā

Don’t forget to click here for the recipe!

2014-01-03 10.28.11

. . . Gone! And going for another!

Easter Recipes


As promised, I am back to share the recipes I used for Easter;

bunny cookies, donut tombstones, dyed deviled eggs and cherry chocolate chip cheese cake.

click here to get to my Easter page




Easter projects I have been working on this past week:

And in my usual fashion, I’m either taking pictures at night because that’s when I finishing my projects,
after the fact so I miss out on the real photo op, or after it’s been eaten.
I will post recipes for things later, just wanted to get these pictures up.


The kids donning their Easter Bunny noses


This is an example of after the photo op: Easter Bunny noses on the snack table for our church party/egg hunt. I barely got this picture before they were gobbled up. I failed to get a picture of the spread it was quite springy looking.


I forgot I took this picture with my phone, it’s a little better


This is an example of taking pictures at night: My cute little bunnies, I think they are adorable


My adorable bunnies among some yellow ducks sharing their plate (it looks as if my bunnies are being snobbish-oh well they got eaten) ¬†ūüôā


The tombs and stones I had the kids make for me, I think they did an outstanding job


My attempt at making actual colored eggs, it was a fun change


more of my colored deviled egg flowers


This is an example of taking a picture after it’s been eaten: This is what’s left of my Cherry Chocolate Cheese cake. It was awesome and looked great with some sugared cherries I had line across the top, but they got eaten.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday!

I will post recipes soon . . .

Countdown to Christmas! Really?


Okay, It is not my intention to pull the retail store thing on you – you know, when you walk in on an August day and find every thing has been transformed into a fall wonderland. We still have a 2 weeks of summer left so enjoy them!

What I am trying to do is to bring to remind you that we have 4 major holidays vastly approaching
and not to fear because I have found some really cool resources that can make our holiday season a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

I don’t know about you, but¬†I always experience a certain amount of stress and dread that underlies the joy of the holidays. It’s starts at the beginning of October and doesn’t end until after Christmas. I have come to realize that this is mainly brought on due to my lack of “owning” the holidays with proper planning and preparation. Often times, if I do a descent job on the planning side, the prep work and actual action are left wanting.

In other words procrastination sets in, not because I’m lazy and don’t want to do the things I have planned (although I won’t lie ‚Äď that does happen from time to time) but it’s usually because there’s just not enough time to get everything done. Hence, the planning and preparation steps are very vital to the overall objective.

Last year I stumbled upon a couple of great websites¬†after¬†Christmas of course, that address these issues. And in my quest to do better with organization, what better time¬†than the¬†holidays to put these ideas to work? So, I kept them bookmarked and made a note in my blogging notebook so that I could revisit and share it with others in plenty of time for¬†this¬†year’s holiday season.

So . . . hence the countdown to Christmas already blog.
I have to get the information out to you in plenty of time to ensure we are all well planned and organized this holiday season ūüôā

Let’s start off with 100 Days of Christmas, an ebook written by Jennifer Tankersley, who is also¬†the owner of List Plan It,¬†a great¬†organizing resource website with all kinds of organizational ideas and lists to download and print to keep our life in order. The ebook, which is based on the¬†popular blog series¬†100 Days to Christmas, is a journey that begins on September 16, and leads you step-by-step toward a peaceful and meaningful holiday season.¬†¬†It has 109 pages + 25 downloadable lists from ¬†It covers planning for all of the fall holidays, gifts, cards, food, family, home, decorations, etc.

I am really excited about this and think it’s a brilliant idea. I only wish I had found it earlier! Don’t forget you have the option of following the blog at¬†¬†(free) and¬†100 Days to Christmas 2012 eBook¬†($5). ¬†The eBook includes links to nearly 30 printable¬†ListPlanIt¬†worksheets and lists. You can also follow on Facebook.

The 13 weeks Series is a holiday challenge from Taylor at Home Storage Solutions 101, I joined her 52 Week Organized Home Challenge, back in January – in fact, I introduced it my January “Get Organized” Month post. The concept of organizing your home one challenge at a time, one week per challenge is an awesome way to get organized without becoming too overwhelmed.

Anyway, Taylor has developed her 13 Weeks Series¬†mapping out a weekly challenges to prepare for this year’s holiday season, starting on October 5,¬†a new post will go up every Friday thereafter, for 13 weeks. It will walk you through Halloween and doesn’t end until after Christmas is over, to help you pack and store your holiday items in a¬†planned and organized method so you will be set for the following year.

You can check the site each Friday for the newest challenge for the week, or if you sign up for free, you will receive an email reminder to make it easier to follow along. You can also follow on Facebook.

I am excited to have this information available to me in plenty of time before things get hectic around here. 100 Days starts next week on Sept. 16th, and 13 Weeks starts Oct. 5th. Jump on both band wagons and make your holiday season the most enjoyable yet, I’ll be there ūüôā

September is National Sewing Month!


The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month ‚ÄúIn recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.‚ÄĚ

Sewing and I have a love/hate relationship. At times I love it, and at times I hate it. Well hate is a strong word. Let’s just say I have to be in the “mood” to sew.

It can be fun and very¬†gratifying to see a finished project that you made with your own hands. But as with anything else, sometimes it can be frustrating, especially when the projects don’t turn out the way they should ūüėČ

I decided to take advantage of the month of sewing and try to finish a few projects I have sitting around the house. I have some outfits for Chase, and I have material to sew bedding for both Chase and Xander. So I have plenty to keep me busy. I’m sure I won’t get to them all, but if I can knock out one or two I will be pleased.


I guess I’m going to have to dust off the sewing table and remove the dust cover from my machine before I can get started. Wish me luck!

Another Yummy Monday Recipe


Biscuits and Beef Gravy

or what’s affectionately known as “SOS”

It’s what’s for Breakfast, or dinner as was the case for my family the other night!

There may be some who will argue rather SOS could be known affectionately, but in my house growing up (and even with the grandkids) we LOVE¬† “SOS” and get super excited to see it’s what’s breakfast!

If you are from a military family then you know what SOS is . . . But there may be some out there that have no clue.

So let me tell you what it is:
It is commonly referred to by those who have served in the military by the dysphemism, “Shit on a Shingle,” a white sauce or gravy made with meat and served on toast.

The recipe in the mess halls most often used chipped beef, but ground beef is commonly used. There are also those who like to use sausage.

The shingle is usually toast. But almost anything can be used such as english muffins or my personal choice, my dad’s famous buttermilk biscuits.

And, the phrase can be borrowed to replace the usage of your usual 4 letter words.
I’ll have to give it try next time I stub my toe, “Oh sh*t on a shingle!”


Click here for the rest of the recipe:

Hoppin’ John



*This recipe will take place of my Yummy Monday recipe, just posted a day early.

Coming from Texas it has be long tradition in our family to eat black eyed peas on New Years day to ensure good luck and prosperity for the upcoming year.

In the southern states, black eyed peas are ¬†generally cooked with pork (bacon, ham, ham hock), and paired with greens (collard, turnip or mustard). The thought behind this tradition is that when the peas cook, they swell symbolizing prosperity, as do the the greens – being the color of money; the pork – because pigs root forward when foraging, represents a positive and forward motion. Many people like to add a side of cornbread, also representing wealth ‚Äď being the color of gold.

¬†A dish I have been making on New Year’s day for several years now is¬†Hoppin’ John, which of course is made of black-eyed peas, rice and pork and is a¬†traditional dish throughout the South. ¬†And here is something I may have known but have forgotten: on the day after New Year’s Day, leftover “Hoppin’ John” is called “Skippin’ Jenny,” and further demonstrates one’s frugality, bringing a hope for an even better chance of prosperity in the New Year.
Hey – with so much symbolism in one meal, how can one lose?
Click here for the recipe, And bring in the new year right!