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Lego Party!


I know I’ve been a bad little blogger šŸ˜¦

Does, “it’s been just plain crazy busy around here!” suffice as a good excuse?

I haven’t quite reached the novice blogger status yet, so whipping up a new post is not always a quickie for me, I just haven’t had the time sit down and put one together.

OK — enough excuses!

I felt it was about time I shared some birthday pictures with you. Xander had a Lego party in, like September (I say sheepishly) I know – I know, I did get a draft started right after the party, but I just never got around to finishing it up. Besides I wasn’t really crazy about theĀ quality of the photos I took. It was in late afternoon and the sun was glaring in our window so I had to shut the blinds and then use the flash and . . . blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, both of my sons are big Lego fans, so a Lego party was definitely a theme we could not pass up. My first son was lucky enough to have his party at the Lego store, but I have been told they don’t do that anymore, so that left me to my own devices for son #2.

There are a couple of ways to do this: Make your own invitations, etc, pay to have them printed for you (pay for printable downloads to print yourself), or buy a party pack from the Lego store (if they are still selling them, I bet you can find someone selling one online.) My intention was to do it all myself, because I find the creative outlet fun, but I happened to be in the Lego store one day and saw that they had their Birthday Party KitĀ for $20. I love making my own invitations but this time I opted for Lego brand and convenience, all at a great price of $20. The kit includes a set of 10 each postcard invitations, Thank you’s, name tags, and a special birthday mini figure with building tips included. There is also a special birthday card and magnetic brick for the one celebrating their birthday.

Now I did find a ton of awesome ideas to use for everything else birthday party related: decorations, games, food, cake, snacks, goody bags . . . you name it, it’s out there. So go check out my Lego Birthday Party board on Pinterest.

For activities, as part of his birthday presents, Xander got the “Life of George” game. They split into groups and half of the played “Creationary” (older brother’s game) while the others played “Life of George.” (That is a pretty fun game by the way.) And then they switched.

(Click on the pictures to take you to the website on
life of george



Now for the party pictures (again remember my less than perfect setting for picture taking,) And, as always, I just plain ran out of time for everything I wanted to do, but I think I had a couple of great things that made the party more festive. Again, check out my pinterest board for a ton of other ideas I just couldnā€™t get to.



I captured the minifigure picture above from the Lego website using Grab Alias and made stickers to put on the balloon ribbons.


I really like these poster board bricks. It’s so easy and simple and looks great! I also found the Lego font free online, and with a yellow marker around the letters and then glued them to the read card stock. I punched holes on the top to thread the string through for the banner.


Went to Lego Land several years ago, and I saved the bags we got from there and Ā made a nice picture with the tickets, etc behind glass for oldest son’s room. I decided to used the leftover side to make a colorful picture for the gift table.


The name plate was a gift to my oldest son a couple of years ago, so I thought it would be cool to use on the table. We went to the store and got some pick a bricks, and my oldest son put together this plastic ware container on wheels. We taped a string on either end so that the boys could pull it to them and get their forks and spoons


I printed out some minifigure heads and glued them to the cups. The link has several different faces on them. We also printed out the Lego napkin strip (inside the napkin is a straw with a lego minifigure head taped to it.)



He wanted pie instead of a cake so I had him build platforms of different heights out of duplos to use for the pies. I found the Lego candles at Target (I believe.)


I had a huge store bag and decided to cut it to make a banner for the front door.


I was about to put these big blocks in storage for potential grand children, but decided to have Xander build some things to put outside with the banner to greet his friends.



Lego font:Ā I honestly don’t remember where I downloaded the font from, but there are lots of sites out there. I looked at this sight and it seemed like it was a good place to download it, plus it’s free. Ā

Lego Minifigure head printables: This is where I found the straw toppers. There are many other great things to print from this link. The toppers are the last page so just keep scrolling until you get to them. Ā

This is where I found the minifugure faces for the cups, and the Lego napkin strips:Ā

**I didn’t come across these until now, but these could be used as napkin ring papers or something. Very cute.Ā


Yummy Monday: Boston Creme Pancakes


Today marks the end of our spring break, and tomorrow we’ll have to step back into the world of school, work and schedules.

So I decided to make a special breakfast for my kids. We all love anything Boston Creme Pie. We love the pudding and of course the chocolate! So I had this thought that I could make boston creme pancakes.

I had the seal of approval from my children, as if the chocolate smeared faces weren’t enough šŸ™‚

Read on and enjoy by clicking here

The Wonderfully Versatile Pumpkin — Final Installment!


It is a little bitter sweet for us to be making our last “Versatile Pumpkin” post but we are excited for our Halloween posts in October. We hope you have enjoyed the recipes as much as we have and this weeks recipes are just as fabulous!
Christy made a casserole IN A PUMPKIN! It reminds me of Beef and Rice Stuffed Peppers. Delicious! Amy’s cookies were a happy accident and the test kitchen is still standing. šŸ™‚ Click on the pictures to see the recipes.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin Casserole

Pumpkin Chili! Pumpkin really is versatile :)


As Amy explained yesterday, I was having some difficulty finding canned pumpkin. I finally found some in a small local grocery store because I couldn’t find any in the big, main local grocery stores, or Wal-Mart, so thank you Sunflower Market! You saved my behind in blogland!

Apparently Starbucks and Einstien Brothers have the monopoly on purchasing canned pumpkin before October!

Amy actually found this recipe and pinned it for me on pinterest. What a great friend she is to have created a board just for me! I thought it sounded promising and wanted to try it out. I made it for dinner last night (just couldn’t get it posted until now) and I am here to tell you that it was very delicious. Not a strong pumpkin taste at all, very subtle. I am also including a recipe for Creamed Corn Cornbread.

So click on the picture below and try out the recipe!

Yummy Monday, and Grandma’s Chocolate Pudding!!


I’m a little late getting this out, but I was taking advantage of the holiday! Anyway here is one of my favorite recipes handed down from my Grandmother, and it is so easy to make, which is a huge plus in my book!

I have also found the pudding in cups packed in my children’s lunch is a nice treat for them from time to time. So I’ll add this to our Back to School information.

Click on the image and make some really delicious pudding. It’s easy too!

Grandma Weimer’s Chocolate Pudding

I Like the Nightlife!


I Like the Nightlife ā€“ Things you can do the night before

This is our last and final segment of our “Back to School” Series. We will continue to post ideas throughout the school year.

We have had some fun times in the kitchen and gathering this information to share. We hope that you have learned something new here. Let us know what you think and leave us a comment!

Click here to read I Like the Nightlife!

Organize This! on Friday instead of Thursday!!


This is late because of . . . well I wasn’t organized enough to have foreseen my crazy week and prepared for it by typing this up earlier. I was just too busy the last couple of days to get this done. Sorry

I have to show you a picture of my kids yesterday morning, it was their first day back!

It’s hard to get a good picture out of them sometimes, they just want to be silly. You can tell that my oldest is like, “Really mom.”

Anyway, enough of this, let’s get down and busy with our latest installation of our “Back to School” series:

Organize This! Click and read!