We came up with this idea in hopes of getting us motivated and moving on our projects.Christy likes to call it “Git ‘er Done,” but Amy being quite a bit less of a redneck Texan than she, wisely chose “Get it Done” GID. Thank you Amy

Anyway, here’s how it works:

We both will choose a project that has been an idea we have had for some time, but just haven’t gotten around to doing it, or started but for whatever reason haven’t finished. We are aiming for smaller projects that can be done within the week, until the following Wednesday. Where we’ll post our finished projects and post our new project for the week.

Do you have any projects like that around the house like this? Come join us in our challenge and share with us what you’ve accomplished. Sound like fun? Sure it does!

Now girls, go forth and let’s GET IT DONE!!!

I bought the paper molded DIY ornaments at Hobby Lobby and cut out my fabric and trim and glue them on with Aleene’s Tacky Glue. I like these so much better than I thought I would, and they were fun to make.


Sleigh Ride sign

I completed this last week, but just didn’t have the time to post it. I wanted to make a sign to go along with my new Christmas Decor. Now many of you would have some really cool stamps and scrapbooking/card materials to use on this, but I have a very limited collection (and actually couldn’t find a sleigh stamp in local stores) and no fancy cricut or vinyl machine to carry this off. So I have to resort to what I can.

I found a really cute 100 piece puzzle of a sleigh at Dollar Tree so I used a box knife and scored where I wanted my picture and then steamed it, and it peeled right off. It actually came off with a bit of cardboard on the back but I figured it was thin enough to use it. But when I ironed it to flatten it out (it was curling) the cardboard peeled right off and left me with just the picture. COOL! I then cut some wonder under and ironed it to the back of my picture and then iron that onto a block a plaid material I cut to use as a border.

As with any project you will want to do any prep work first, in this case I sanded the rough edges of the board smooth. Then I painted the border dark navy blue, and added a touch of gold with a fan brush. Again I’m sure many of you have your distressing inks and what not to get the look you want. I’m not a particular fan of the distressed look, so I tried to make mine looked a bit more finished.

I bought some pearly off white scrapbooking paper and modge podged it to the wood and gave it a couple of hours to dry. Then modge podged my picture on, putting a generous layer around the painted borders too.

I had found some really fancy red sparkly letter stickers and some black letters at Hobby Lobby and applied them to my sign. I then modge podged over the black stickers only (I didn’t want to modge podge over my glittery letters) to give them a little extra staying power. I also added some shiny snowflake stickers as a finishing touch.

I don’t know exactly where I want to display it so for the moment I like this gold frame holder.

Adding ice crystals to my berry garland and wreath

If you want to see how I added the ice crystals above and the greenery picks to my wreath below,  click here to my tutorial page.

I also wanted to add a little more to my wreath, so I bought some evergreen picks and used my wire cutters to cut the individual tufts off and used a small screw driver to punch small holes in the side of my wreath to add my greenery. And then I added some ice crystals.

It’s still missing something I’m sure I will add something later to it when I figure out what it should be. Maybe a wide plaid ribbon to suspend it from.

Speaking of adding something later: I updated my last project with the tree decorations with some strands of pearls I found as I was digging through my box of crafty stuff, and hot glue.

Christmas in July was what I had planned for myself. But being true to Christy form, it dragged on through August, September and November! Yes it’s taken me this long to get these decorations done!!

I have been wanting to change my Christmas decor since last year, and even bought some styrofoam balls, cones and fabrics to spend my summer crafting some new decorations by this christmas. Even though I had a pretty good idea where I wanted to go with this new theme, I was not so sure how to get the look I wanted.

I knew I wanted to go with a warm and cozy feel but with some sparkle so that it wasn’t too casual. I found some plaid material with sequins and  grey wool with sequins that I thought went together well, and patiently waited all winter to finally buy it at 60% off. I found this knitted hat that fueled my inspiration, and thought it would lend to that cozy feel I was wanting.

I made a few attempts with some styrofoam balls but was not really thrilled about the outcome.

A few weeks ago I was bumbling about in Hobby Lobby and found these plain cardboard decorations and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! Finally it was coming together! I added some hounds tooth ribbon to add a little more class to the homey feel.

Click here for tutorial on how I made the ball below and how I made the silver stars in white bowl in the top picture.

Finally, a project to add to the “Done” list!!

Well, I guess I can include my Halloween door decoration here too, since it was a project that I completed.

I used the letter “S” in my fall wreath last year and thought I could just reuse it for a more Halloween-ish look. So I bought the striped ribbon at Wal-Mart and just wrapped it around the letter, so that the change wasn’t permanent and I could reused the letter as it is again if I wanted.

Then I painted an old frame I got from Goodwill black and sprayed a finish on it. I then suspended the “S” with ribbon and made a big bow for the top (which by the way, I really stink at bows!)

Unfortunately I have a glass door and am not able to hang the decoration on the door itself without the glass door smashing it and covering it up. But here it is . . .

Weekly Meal Plan:

This project was something I started in August (right about when school started as part of my “get organized” ideas to make going to working and going to school run more smoothly).

Why has it taken me this long to finish it?  Who knows! I already had the meal labels and the weekly meal plan sheet printed out. But I had a little trouble finding the magnetic sheets (which by the way, you can only find in a Super Wal-Mart, not just a regular Wal-Mart.) Then I was also oscillating between laminating it or using a page protector. Anyway, I have finally finished it and have it mounted on my fridge:)

Another project bites the dust;) Woohoo!!

Week 3 – GOT IT DONE:

I finally finished my picture that I planned on doing week 2!

The quote that I use in this project is inspiring and something I need to keep telling myself.  I am always worried about things not being perfect that I can become paralyzed  by fear.  I miss out on so many opportunities because I am afraid I will not be perfect at it.  Life is imperfection and I want to learn to dive in!

First, I spray painted my large canvas with a dark brown.

I painted my small canvas with light blue acrylic paint — also, using a stencil, I painted paisleys on the large canvas with the same blue.

You want your pattern to look random but not be.  I always visualize a triangle and put it at each point.  Each time I move my stencil to the next place, I turn it a quarter turn.

Then, I used Fresh Foliage green acrylic paint and put small circles in the middle of my invisble triangles.

Next, I (my husband) glued my small canvas to the middle of my large one.  I cut up foam and super glued it to the back of the small canvas, so there would be a little dimension to my picture.

Lastly, I wrote an awesome quote by Annette Funicello that I found at this website. Click Here.

 Well, yes, the room painting got placed on the back burner yet again. With the Birthday party and all the prep and stress off that, there’s was no time to paint a room! And, next week school starts so I don’t know when that room will get painted . . .

But, I did get something (thanks to my mom and dad) that I really needed and have been putting off for years. I wanted some extra staples of food to stock up on and have handy here in the house. It is much more convenient than running to the store for something you don’t have on hand, and is actually a great idea in case of emergencies.

What emergencies you ask? Well, they can come in numerous ways. Loss of jobs, natural disasters like tornadoes, blizzards, Y2K – had to stick that one in there 🙂 or just plain laziness on making a grocery run. Anyway, if for some reason you can’t get to the store you already have non-perishable foods available like flour, pancake mix, dried beans, dried fruits, nuts, powder milk, water bottles, etc. (Of course you need to use and rotate these items so they don’t expire and go bad, which is easy when you are stocking and using at the same time.) Anyway you get the gist.

So I was able to get a pretty good starter kit going with some wheat, white flour, oats, etc. My mom and dad gave me an early Christmas present and ordered me a grain mill attachment for my Kitchen Aid so I can grind fresh wheat flour when I want to add some to my breads, pancakes and things like that. How cool is that?

Some of the things I got: One of the white boxes has 6 cans of white flour, there is also some black beans, pinto beans, dried onions, dried apples, spaghetti noodles, honey, syrup, condensed mushroom and chicken soups to name of few.

Thanks Mom and Dad 🙂

And let’s not forget that I had to move things around to make room for this stuff! Which was a feat in itself!

Week 2 – GOT IT DONE:
I needed to rethink my “Get it Done” project and had to put the painting on the back burner for now. Apparently the things I had planned to make for my son’s birthday was more time consuming than I had planned. (Isn’t it always the case? It is with me!)

So here is what I – mostly my parents as they are visiting us from Texas right now. (What a way to welcome house guests) – have been working on this week.

Christy has had her project done since Wednesday night and has been waiting for me to add  my finished project.  Poor Christy got stuck with a worse procratinator than herself. 😦

I barely got it done, and I had to switch up my project too.  We did a last minute family trip to San Francisco, it was a blast! But I didn’t get to my original project, so here is my simple one.

I have been wanting to clean up my laundry room and make it more efficient.  I use to have 3 laundry baskets over by the bathroom door and one large one under the laundry shoot.

My sorting baskets use to be by the bathroom door

I save a step by sorting when I pull the clothes from the shoot.

We almost always come through the laundry room when we get home, therefore our shoes come off and get left in there.  There use to be a pile of shoes to the left of the laundry basket, but I bought an over the door shoe holder and had my husband hang it on the wall with screws.  Voila, I have a clean floor!  My laundry room seems so much bigger with just a couple of these more efficient organizational improvements.

I took out the door hangers and hung it with screws.

I love how clean and organized it looks!

Week #2

My picture is going to come later because, again, I have lost my SD card for my camera and I can’t take pictures without it!  I am going to chalk it up to “mommy brain”, you ladies know what I’m talking about.  As soon as I find it, I will post a before picture of my project.

I found my SD card!  These are the supplies I will be using.

I saw a project, on Pinterest, that someone had pinned and it inspired me.  I will be completely making it to fit my style and taste, but click on the picture below to see where I got the idea.

I will be using a canvas that I bought a couple years ago at a craft store and painting it with different colors and stencils.  Christy is my “go to girl” for craft stuff — so when I was standing in the paint isle and stumped as to what colors to buy, I called Christy.  She gave me really good suggestions, but if they don’t look good….remember who told me to buy them. 🙂

“Hey,there’s only so much we can do with the “craft challenged” so I’m sure everyone will understand 😉

I want to know why Amy get’s all the fun, crafty GID’s and I’m stuck with the cleaning, organizing, and now painting. No – not the fun kind of painting, I mean painting the ceiling and walls of my daughter’s room. I didn’t used to mind painting rooms, now I’m not so crazy about it.

Here’s the inspiration for the room. I found this curtain panel on ebay and had to have it.

Wish me luck people, I need to get this off my plate and move on to the more fun things I want to do.

Week 1 – GOT IT DONE:

I Got it Done! I, in my usual fashion, waited until the last minute to start this (last night) and finished it this afternoon.

Unfortunately it’s not all painted a nice color accessorized with cool little baskets and boxes with whimsical signs or pictures hung on the wall. That will have to be another project, way into the future.

Week #1 — Before

My project will be two-fold. There’s a very small corner downstairs that has been designated as my sewing area, which is also shared as the workout area.

It needs serious cleaning and organization so that I can get about my sewing and do so with efficiency. And I will be able to get my workouts done as well. But unfortunately not at the same time.

In my defense, it didn’t look this bad until I needed to use my sewing table for some company and just took everything off of it and put it where ever was handy.

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