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Halloween Door Ornament


I have seen these picture frame door hanger, wreathy things a lot, and thought I’d give making one a try.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, I have decided I am somewhat of a Halloween decoration  snob. I really don’t like most of the things out there – they are either too country-ish for my decor, or too cheesy for my taste. But at the same time, I don’t seem to have the vision of what I do like to make it myself.

Anyway, I kind of like the frame things and thought I’d try my hand at making one for my door. Please keep in mind that my time and efforts were very minimal 🙂 And that bows are not something I am good at – at all!

“Get it Done” Wednesday, on Friday!?


Yes it’s Friday , and “Get it Done” clearly says it’s on Wednesdays. But we have excuses, lots of them!
Do not fear! We will save you from our lame excuses and move right on into our accomplishments! Click on the image below to see what we’ve done!

But Wait . . . There’s More!


Hello everybody! Amy and I have been putting our brains together over this past week to come up with some fun ideas to get us motivated and ready to move.

We are excited to share with you our weekly posts:

To help us in our endeavor to eating healthy and getting into shape (check out our “Off Our Bodies” page) we felt we needed to come up with a way to help make our transitions as easy as possible. Which translates to FOOD/MEALS.

So every Monday we will share a recipe we have found on

Of course, we will add different categories of recipes as we find them so check back weekly, as the page will continue to grow!

Next, to aid us in getting into action with our neat and nifty ideas we have rolling around in our heads, we have incorporated our

Every wednesday, we will each choose a project that we have either started but haven’t finished, or start a new project that we have had on our “To Do” lists for quite some time and we’ll share them with you on our “GET IT DONE” WEDNESDAY page.

We are charging you with this same challenge for you to share with us. So be thinking about your project and check back with us on Wednesday and

Let’s “Get it done!”

And finally, to keep us on task with our healthy habits we will be checking in on Fridays for FAT BE GONE FRIDAY (FBGF). This will be posted on our 

 page where we each will have our own personal pages with our own personal goals and experiences posted.


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Thanks so much for coming to visit, hope you enjoyed it!

But mostly we hope we have inspired or motivated you as we try to do the same for ourselves!