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DIY Christmas Ornaments


A couple of Christmas’ ago I posted some Christmas ornaments I made for my tree. It is an on going project still!

Anyway, I decided to add some pearls to some of the existing ornaments last year to make them better, (I think I unearthed a bag buried in my craft and sewing pile and found the pearl garland from years ago and decided to put them to good use.)


That got me in the mood to add some more ornaments to my collection and found some DIY paper molded ornaments at Hobby Lobby. I just cut my fabric and the trim and glued them on with Aleene’s Tacky Glue.  Very simple! But in my usual fashion, I don’t think that I posted them, so I thought I should do so now.

I must admit, I have an ulterior motive in that I noticed that several people are pinning the ornaments on Pinterest and I wanted to make sure that my newest additions were included.

So here they are,  I really like these and they were fun to make. I think I will make more this year. I only made these four last year.



Get it Done Wednesday – Christmas Decorations


*This isn’t suppose to come out until tomorrow, but since I accidentally sent a post before I was done, I feel I must now send out the “real” post.

Since we were gone the first 10 days of this month I just haven’t had that “feeling.” You know, that feeling you get when you’ve finished the decorating and you have that . . .warm, excited, Christmas-y feeling . . .  even though we had our tree up and decorated after Thanksgiving, somehow that “feeling” just isn’t there for me.

I’m sure it’s due to the fact I’m still working on new decorations. But it’s actually been okay . . . because I’m not freaking out that I haven’t finished making those decorations and everything isn’t “perfect,” I just keep telling myself “next year” and that this was a good year to be interrupted (so to speak), since we were gone a good portion of the month anyway!” The tree is a bit bare and all, but I’m just going to keep working until I’m finished.

So you’ll be seeing posts from time to time sharing Christmas decorations, even the holiday is gone and past.

Here are some things I have finished but just didn’t have the time to post yet.

Making a Sleigh Ride sign

Adding ice crystals to berry garlands (Don’t worry, this is a picture taken during the process, the glue dries clear!)

Adding some greenery and ice crystals to my berry wreath