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I took the traditional Breakfast Casserole and downsized it to the muffin pan. For school mornings, I figure it would cook faster in the muffin pan, and of course be a nice warm delicious breakfast that was quick and easy. Hey anythings better than cold cereal, right!

So click on the pic and try it out!

Pumpkin Chili! Pumpkin really is versatile :)


As Amy explained yesterday, I was having some difficulty finding canned pumpkin. I finally found some in a small local grocery store because I couldn’t find any in the big, main local grocery stores, or Wal-Mart, so thank you Sunflower Market! You saved my behind in blogland!

Apparently Starbucks and Einstien Brothers have the monopoly on purchasing canned pumpkin before October!

Amy actually found this recipe and pinned it for me on pinterest. What a great friend she is to have created a board just for me! I thought it sounded promising and wanted to try it out. I made it for dinner last night (just couldn’t get it posted until now) and I am here to tell you that it was very delicious. Not a strong pumpkin taste at all, very subtle. I am also including a recipe for Creamed Corn Cornbread.

So click on the picture below and try out the recipe!

Yummy Monday, and Grandma’s Chocolate Pudding!!


I’m a little late getting this out, but I was taking advantage of the holiday! Anyway here is one of my favorite recipes handed down from my Grandmother, and it is so easy to make, which is a huge plus in my book!

I have also found the pudding in cups packed in my children’s lunch is a nice treat for them from time to time. So I’ll add this to our Back to School information.

Click on the image and make some really delicious pudding. It’s easy too!

Grandma Weimer’s Chocolate Pudding

The Wonderfully Versatile Pumpkin!


It’s the first day of September, with school well underway and summer’s end near, soon it will be fall.

It never fails – this time of year always brings on the hankerings for all things pumpkin!

It’s a great thing that pumpkins are so versatile, you can make so many types of recipes with it.

We thought we’d share our hankering for pumpkins and our recipes with you, We’ll both post a favorite recipe or so every Thursday throughout September, (although Amy will post hers tomorrow.)

Click here and we hope you enjoy!

BACK TO SCHOOL! Can you believe it’s here already?


“Where did the summer go?” For most of us, it’s always a bittersweet feeling when school rolls around again.

We thought since we could use a lot of help in getting ourselves geared up and organized with the back to school madness and all that that entails, we might as well share some of our findings with you.

We ended up with so much information we were afraid it would be too long for a single post. So we decided to make an ongoing “Back to School” series.

How much more excitement can one take?

Come back everyday this week and find out what you might be missing!
Monday: The Breakfast Club!
Tuesday: DON’T – Take it on the Run!
Wednesday: Out to Lunch!
Thursday: Organize This!
Friday: I love the Nightlife

So get comfortable click on over to our “Back to School” page and check it out.

Airplane/Pilot Birthday Party


This past Saturday, I ventured into to “stress mode” (an all too familiar place for me, I have set up residence) as we threw my son’s 8th birthday party. He’s a “planes, trains and automobiles” kind of kid. We have done 3 train parties and 2 car parties, so this year he chose an airplane theme.

Lucky for me, there’s a plethora of plane party ideas out there in cyber land. All with really cute ideas which I have stolen gleaned from and tweaked my way.

Finding the perfect place was fairly easy. We had eaten last summer at the “Runway Grill” located at small local airport near us. It is decorated with models airplanes hanging from the ceiling and glued on the glass partitions. And it sits right by the runway, so any activity can be seen from the restaurant. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from the party at all, as I under my stress of not forgetting anything, forgot my camera 😦

A couple of years ago, I had purchased a couple of prints from an artist in Georgetown, CO who does trains and old war planes to hang in my son’s room. So I decided to make use of what I already had and scanned them for the invitations, food picks, and Thank You notes (which aren’t actually printed yet.) I have been working on this for weeks now, and even had mom and dad working hard while they were here visiting. Thanks Mom and Dad! Couldn’t have done it without you!

I decided to forgo the ever cute boarding pass, but did use the baggage check and claim signs. I decided I would have the kids test to earn their pilot license (which I found a image of a real license online with all pertinent information blurred, so they could sign their own names) by playing a paper airplane game. They received a “Pilot” sticker, a lanyard with some really cool looking stunt plane posters I found online, they each got a different plane poster and was told they was their personal plane to fly to their destinations.

They then received their pilot’s folio with their passports and flight plans (which we drew colorful circles and lines on maps to make it look official.) And a “Flyboy” or “Flygirl” button to wear. I also found a really cool wreath made out of maps at Haverford House and made one myself, it was really fun.

I came across some vintage travel/airline posters that I thought were really neat, so I had my son pick 3 different posters he liked and made them the destinations for our flight plans. They went to 3 different tables with that had a poster to match the flight plans they had in their folios. They did a little activity, like throw bean bags in a old airplane made of cardboard boxes (I had made it for my son as a Halloween costume years ago.) They also made candy airplanes, and propeller pops. And then they got their passports stamped at each station.

The party table had a runway (my dad so graciously made) and they ordered off the “Junior Pilot Menu.” I had made food picks for the staff to stick in the food before they brought it out to the children.
I wanted to make an extremely cute cake myself, but soon found I had overtaxed not only myself, but my mom and dad . . . and it just wasn’t going to be done by any of us! So I went to the grocery store picked up a couple of $5 cakes and suspended a couple of airplanes he had in his room on wood skewers stuck in the cakes and added “Flyboy turns 8.”

After all the insanity fun was had, we gave each child a box we had decorated to look like suitcases and sent them on their way.

Whew!! Another party tackled. We only had 10 minutes to set up as we were late due to major construction backup on the way. The birthday boy was late to his own party due to the construction, and I forgot my camera, and other things pertinent for the activities. But we made it work.

I commented in irritation, “I don’t know why we do this to ourselves! No matter how much we plan – something always gets forgotten, or goes wrong and you seem to spend the whole time stressed out trying to stay on time, forgetting important things that you carefully planned out, and in the end feeling like it was a failure.” And it was pointed out (by my wise parents and mother-in-law), the kids don’t know the difference, they actually have a great time, and that’s what really counts. So yes, I will do this again and again for the enjoyment of my kids and their friends. 😉 At the cost of a few more gray hairs and stress lines! Ahhh, the things we do for our kids. 🙂

“Get it Done” Wednesday!! It’s late, but our post is done!


There’s something to be said about technical difficulties; “They Stink!” or “They make your life a living Hell!” Yes, there’s a plethora of other phrases to find in between these. Feel free to fill in your own blanks 🙂
Anyway, it seems we have been having our fair share of them  between our blogging troubles (we straightened out our “Get it Done” page finally – hope you like it) and misplacing our SD cards for our cameras, the blogging world has become a bit overwhelming to say the least. But we are managing it and taking it in stride!

We have posted our next GID Challenge for the week, do you have your challenge?
Click on the picture to see our next challenges.

“Get it Done” Wednesdays nearly “Done us in!”


Hey all!  We are finally getting around to posting our “Get it Done” Wednesdays projects. It nearly killed us but here we are – better late than never, right?

I, in my usual fashion, waited until the last minute to carry out my project. I started it last night, but left most of it for this morning. Hey! It wasn’t like I was doing “nothing,” I have been working on getting some of my 7 year old’s birthday party stuff in order; invitations, planning, etc. At least I got my project done! You see, I knew this blog was a good idea to get me moving!

In Amy’s defense she finished her project in ample time, but just didn’t get the final picture and writing done. And, with her 7 year old’s birthday party to prepare for and throw tomorrow, well . . . you know how that goes. Good luck Amy! I’ll be following your footsteps with my own birthday nightmares soon enough!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with getting the text and pictures to be where we want them.

Let me just say, “@#$%$#%&”

There, now I feel better (until I try to go in and fix it again!)

Well . . . you’ll see when you get there.

Bear with us, please, we hope to know what we’re doing at some point . . .