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“Get it Done” Wednesdays nearly “Done us in!”


Hey all!  We are finally getting around to posting our “Get it Done” Wednesdays projects. It nearly killed us but here we are – better late than never, right?

I, in my usual fashion, waited until the last minute to carry out my project. I started it last night, but left most of it for this morning. Hey! It wasn’t like I was doing “nothing,” I have been working on getting some of my 7 year old’s birthday party stuff in order; invitations, planning, etc. At least I got my project done! You see, I knew this blog was a good idea to get me moving!

In Amy’s defense she finished her project in ample time, but just didn’t get the final picture and writing done. And, with her 7 year old’s birthday party to prepare for and throw tomorrow, well . . . you know how that goes. Good luck Amy! I’ll be following your footsteps with my own birthday nightmares soon enough!

And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have been experiencing some technical difficulties with getting the text and pictures to be where we want them.

Let me just say, “@#$%$#%&”

There, now I feel better (until I try to go in and fix it again!)

Well . . . you’ll see when you get there.

Bear with us, please, we hope to know what we’re doing at some point . . .

Off of Our Bodies, but Hopefully, Not Onto Yours


Hello All, hope you are having a great summer. It’s hot and sunny here in Colorado!

I just wanted to share with you what’s on my mind (well one of many things on my mind). Here’s another one of those ideas that rears it’s ugly head rolls around in my mind constantly, but just can’t seem to get it’s place on the “Done” list:

Losing weight and getting into shape. Amy and I talked and have decided that sharing our own experiences with this challenge might not only help us become more motivated, but might actually inspire or motivate someone else to do the same.

So we have dedicated a separate page for this: Click on it below and read on, join us and report to us if you’d like. We would like to hear from you!

Off of our bodies, but hopefully, not onto yours