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Yummy Monday: Boston Creme Pancakes


Today marks the end of our spring break, and tomorrow we’ll have to step back into the world of school, work and schedules.

So I decided to make a special breakfast for my kids. We all love anything Boston Creme Pie. We love the pudding and of course the chocolate! So I had this thought that I could make boston creme pancakes.

I had the seal of approval from my children, as if the chocolate smeared faces weren’t enough ­čÖé

Read on and enjoy by clicking here

Well it’s Yummy Monday on a Sunday because I accidentally clicked the wrong button!


Arrrrgggghhh! I meant to click on “save draft” and accidentally clicked “publish” before I was ready!

I really hate it when that happens!

Click here for my Deep Dish Apple Pie

It’s Yummy Monday and Apple Pie! Definitely Yum factor


I have a friend who has an apple tree in her back yard, and she was kind enough to share a bag full of them with me. In my usual fashion they sat in my kitchen in said bag for 2 weeks, and I knew I needed to do something with them before I just had to throw the whole lot away.

Not that you are asking for it, or even interested – you are being hijacked now, here is some insight into how my mind works ÔÇô proceed with caution it may be dangerous! For those of you who are my age or older (no I will not divulge my age, you’ll know who you are) or at least well versed in Donny Osmond: The early years should know what I’m talking about when I say one song kept coming to mind every time I looked at that bag of apples.

Have you guessed it? That’s right, “One bad apple won’t spoil the whole bunch, girl!

I can blame my older sister for introducing me to the Osmonds, amongst others, at such a young impressionable age. . .

Anyway getting back on track, I decided to cut up the apples and make apple pie filling to freeze for future usage, which led me to decide on making a deep dish apple pie for my husbands birthday (Halloween day). I got the pie all made but did’t have time to bake it, and that idea fell through as he left the next day to go out of town for a week. So I wrapped the pie up in aluminum foil and placed it in the freezer to be cooked this week for our Thanksgiving feast!

In the meantime, my children were all excited and worked up about the apple pie that never was, so I used some of the extra pie filling and added about a 1/2 c of craisins and made up a little pie for them.

Follow me here for the pie and crust recipes.

Yummy Monday, and Grandma’s Chocolate Pudding!!


I’m a little late getting this out, but I was taking advantage of the holiday! Anyway here is one of my favorite recipes handed down from my Grandmother, and it is so easy to make, which is a huge plus in my book!

I have also found the pudding in cups packed in my children’s lunch is a nice treat for them from time to time. So I’ll add this to our Back to School information.

Click on the image and make some really delicious pudding. It’s easy too!

Grandma Weimer’s Chocolate Pudding