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Asparagus Spaghetti


I have heard my family speak very highly of a recipe that my brother makes when they have visited him from time to time, asparagus spaghetti.Ā Unfortunately I haven’t been able to visit for quite a while, so I decided to call him and ask for the recipe.

My brother is a more chef-y kind of cook where as I am more the “throw it all together” kind of cook. We enjoy teasing him about being such a perfectionist when he’s in the kitchen, and how he stands over our shoulders saying “you’re not doing that right.” He could totally have his own reality cooking show as he tries to get his family to do it the “right” way.

So although my try at this recipe turned out quite delicious, I’m sure my brother’s would be even better.

Thanks for sharing, bubba! (that’s a southern term of endearment for brother)

To see the recipe click here

It’s Yummy Monday, and Chicken Spaghetti!


With the cooler fall weather comes the hankering for soups, chili’s and comfort foods.
(Well at least for me)
So I made up a batch of Chicken Spaghetti. It was sooooo Yummy! I haven’t had this in years, it was nice to find a long lost recipe and cook it up again šŸ™‚
Nothing like a having a happy reunion on the ol’ palate šŸ˜‰