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Get it Done Wednesday – Christmas Decorations


*This isn’t suppose to come out until tomorrow, but since I accidentally sent a post before I was done, I feel I must now send out the “real” post.

Since we were gone the first 10 days of this month I just haven’t had that “feeling.” You know, that feeling you get when you’ve finished the decorating and you have that . . .warm, excited, Christmas-y feeling . . .  even though we had our tree up and decorated after Thanksgiving, somehow that “feeling” just isn’t there for me.

I’m sure it’s due to the fact I’m still working on new decorations. But it’s actually been okay . . . because I’m not freaking out that I haven’t finished making those decorations and everything isn’t “perfect,” I just keep telling myself “next year” and that this was a good year to be interrupted (so to speak), since we were gone a good portion of the month anyway!” The tree is a bit bare and all, but I’m just going to keep working until I’m finished.

So you’ll be seeing posts from time to time sharing Christmas decorations, even the holiday is gone and past.

Here are some things I have finished but just didn’t have the time to post yet.

Making a Sleigh Ride sign

Adding ice crystals to berry garlands (Don’t worry, this is a picture taken during the process, the glue dries clear!)

Adding some greenery and ice crystals to my berry wreath

Christmas in July


We know it’s only mid-July, but we have big plans for changing out our Christmas decor this year, or adding to our existing ones. Once school starts in mid-August time will be short, plus there’s Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and before you know it– it’s Christmas. Sooo, we decided to try a Christmas in July (and August, September . . . December!)

Christmas in July!  I am so excited to start getting ready now so that I am less stressed during the holidays.  As always, I am being less ambitious than Christy but I have limited time this month and knew that this was going to be my limit of projects 🙂

I have fallen in love with Pinterest — all my ideas are coming from pins that I found on my friends boards.  I picked projects that I have most of the supplies for and anything else I have to buy will be inexpensive.  I will also be making my Christmas cards this year but I won’t be doing that project until the beginning of November.

I am changing my whole scheme. Here’s what I have in mind: A more warm homey, lodgey kind of feel (but with some flair.) My choice of materials are going to be plaids, wools, old sweaters and yarn. I think I’ll start with the balls (I bought styrofoam ones last year or the year before. I have been mulling this idea around in my head that long. See that’s why I thought about creating this blog – to make me get into action!)

Let’s see how far I get. I have a Birthday to plan and pull off in 2 weeks as well! Plus my “Get it Done” projects. AAAAHHHH I feel the preasure already!!