Every Monday we will present to you a new recipe!

In our attempt to motivate and execute our ideas with this blog, another thing that has been rolling around in our heads for years is the need for


Do you experience this? Every day for breakfast, especially lunch and dinner time, you have your face in the freezer, then the refrigerator and move on to the cupboards trying to figure out what to make today. You then repeat the process at least 2 more times hoping to find something new, that wasn’t there a minute ago, has magically appeared. And – you are able to make something exciting, and of course yummy, to eat that will most certainly become a huge hit with your picky eaters!

Our hope is to do away with the daily dread of the guessing game, and know what we are going make every day for the week, and we know what items we are going to need ahead of time to prepare these meals.

With that said, we are going to need some new material, as it were, to add to the same 5 or so staple meals that make up our menu. So it is our quest to research, find, try out, and report to you what we feel are recipes deserving our kids approval 🙂

Oh yeah, can we make these recipes very quick and easy as well as yummy?

Follow us on our journey and find out! Click on what interests you below:




Healthy Recipes



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